"Because it's the results that matter"
Mike Faith

Mike Faith:




Run better meetings in your organization

Meetings cost big bucks

We get together to inform, discuss or decide.  Unfortunately, most meetings are poorly run, which obviously wastes time and money.  But even more costly are the long term consequences that stem from inadequate meetings.

Meetings easily become non-productive

  • The vocal few dominate and decide the outcomes.
  • Goals were never set, agreed or achieved. 
  • People agree to do things that waste time on non-productive activity.
  • Decisions are made without considering all the factors.
  • There's just no spark of creativity.
  • Nobody is held responsible for ensuring actions are taken and objectives achieved.
  • The meeting deals with small matters but fails to address major important issues.
  • The entire organization ends up being diverted to head-off in the wrong direction.
  • The meeting generates more meetings than necessary.
  • Too much time is spent on minutes and formalities and not enough on the important stuff that generates results.
  • And so on…

Ask Mike to help you make your meetings more effective

"Part of my efforts to give back includes helping companies transform their meetings at all levels. If I accept an engagement with your company, whether it be for one meeting or a series of meetings, I usually ask my fee to go to a charity or non-profit. If you want your meetings to become profit generating powerhouses, I can probably help. Email me at"